MVM is an independent consultancy company offering a world class expertise

From Research and Development to field experience in the following main sectors of activity:

manufacturing industries in high end project (specially for mass production)

environmental world-class industrial 4.0 digital plant

processes & process engineering area for foundry

reduction, abatement of environmental impact (brownfield project)

MVM is a leading consulting company. A worldwide network and in-dept market expertise enable the company to provide innovating consulting service and engineering know-how

MVM is an independent engineering and contracting company able to propose smart design and solid engineering competences, skilled project management, operational and realization teams

MVM operate in International Greenfield and Brownfield project realization, with international Teams of highly qualified expert in the industry focus on timing and costs objectives

Technical and topmanagement background allows MVM to develop the set of actions to be implemented so that the organization can pursue the objectives set in business planning and make choices regarding relationships between people and technologies.

Mastering the cutting-edge technologies and guaranteeing unwavering support and perfect ethics that allow to enter into a real, productive and efficient partnership with us, the MVM group provides its customers with a global offering of some of the widest products on the market as well as innovative solutions to their problems helping to manage transformation.

MVM is an international group, with valued partners who contribute daily to the success and growth of our corporation. MVM is a respected and growing which allows partners and customers to deploy their talents in order to face the exciting challenges of the industry of tomorrow.


Skills and values in work and in life, people and professional roles, innovation, commonplaces on gender and territorial identities, are the solid foundations on which to rest the myth of the new entrepreneurial vocation.


In actual rapid evolution contest we support you to transform your business.

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